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Download Back Alley Tales APK is an attractive surveillance game for Android. Playing the game you will be a security guard watching security cameras and uncover a lot of interesting stories.

Information of Back Alley Tales

Name Back Alley Tales
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.1.3
Size 120 MB
Category Game
Developer URAP
Price Free

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About Back Alley Tales APK

To begin with, the basis of the game Back Alley Tales Apk is very attractive. We act like we are security guards who have to check the security cameras. Work can be boring at times, but our security cameras monitor this busy street with lots of interesting stories!

This is an animated series for adult gamers. The clear information, narration and abundance of other components are sure to captivate all fans of the series. The main character is a security guard living in a small village.

Some hidden cameras are located near protected areas, target streets and other remote areas. He chooses to investigate night visions and is stunned to discover that life only begins at night. Now she gets bad news from the people she works with every day.

We created the animation using Live2D and 4000 px! Check out this little pixel animation. There are 12 basic settings and over 50 short animations! But the heroines won't be satisfied if you choose what you want, so be patient! Four different stories, four different women!

Your skill level determines whether you can participate in all events. Use the zoom and rotate tools to get a better look at this hero! Turn TV screen effects on or off!

More information about the game

You start your career as a security guard in a small town. And he decided to play with the security camera data. You didn't know you would find interesting stories on the street.

Back Alley Tales APK is a new interactive SLG game sold by the community. It's an expensive, full-pixel style Go game that has sold 8,800 copies in DL! 94M compression pack can open 2G games thanks to UNITY High Compression Engine!

For some reason I find it so annoying, it completely destroys my understanding of the pixel game. Despite the pixelated shape, the game's visuals are still neutral and stunning! Each of the four heroines has their own set of functions. Strong and refreshing overall game at the same time!


Play style

Back Alley Tales mobile users can choose between espionage and crime missions. As soon as you start playing, you will feel like a real detective responsible for protecting real people.

You will have to watch some scary crime scene footage. With this information, you can start investigating the crime scene. This will reveal your ability to provide confidential information or spy.

Before starting a new game, you should know what prizes can be won at the end of previous games.

You will have a lot of diamonds at your disposal with Back Alley Tales APK for Android, allowing you to quickly and easily obtain armor, weapons and other useful items.

Hardware improvements can be made, including laptops, security cameras, and other devices.

The return of the street story

Back Alley Tales is the latest work from popular video game developer Hideo Kojima, this time focusing on the details of the game's story. Users can play as goalkeeper Sam who does a hard job on a new adventure.

This type of work is very dangerous considering that the events in the game take place after the apocalypse, strange and creepy monsters are at work and the possibility of rain is your last move dangerous.

Sam's main task is to connect Back Alley Tales Plaza and cities previously divided by giant concrete barriers. It is the only way to rebuild society and ensure justice. You have to cross the vast forest where anything can happen.

Design an eye-catching environment

In fact, although the game seems to be played in real time, it takes place on a completely flat surface. Back Alley Tales APK is a great alternative if you are looking for a game where you can experience a real-world atmosphere but are not a fan of the 3D enhancements applied to the game picture.


Back Alley Tales APK is a popular spy game where the player assumes the role of a security guard with a camera. The actor begins his quest and eventually gets bored, at which point he begins broadcasting recorded videos to the cameras he is tasked with watching. When you look at the recordings of these tiny cameras, you will see that there are terrible events that neither your eyes nor your mind can believe. Once you understand this, it's time to make a decision.

Back alley tales APK is the latest version of the app you will ever have on the internet. The game is a mix of fantasy and crime simulator on the streets of famous places of the world. The game is next level game for all great spy game lovers and detective lovers.

Consistently good anime

The latest version of Back Alley Tales Android software package includes various APK games. Thanks to the game's 12 basic classes, a total of 50 separate short moves can be made. Female characters whose happiness is important for the success of the game.

Various competitions will be held during the games and you will be able to participate in all of them. If you want to be a part of anything, you have to develop your skills. It is a measure of how long you stay in the game as it cannot be used until a certain skill level is reached.

Each of the four main female characters in Back Alley Tales APK has its own history and as a result, there are many supporting characters. If you want to see the plot, take your time and play the game properly. The visual effects in the game make it easy to follow what's going on and how your characters are progressing.

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